Pre  wedding shoot in York

I got to meet Shaun and Gemma while they were visiting UK. The lovely couple was looking forward to have their pre wedding shoot in York. So, we decided to shoot the couple’s engagement session in the York city centre.
As a wedding photographer York I had expected the York city centre to be bustling with people. As with the Christmas festivities around the corner, December is always a busy month. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that December feels like to be the season of engagements in the York city centre.
I got some really amazing shots of the couple while walking around the York city centre, and luckily the light was fantastic as well. Despite the fact that it was quite busy around the York city centre.

Shaun and Gemma were least bothered and totally enjoyed the whole experience of their pre wedding shoot and so did I.
As a wedding photographer York, it was a thrilling experience for me to take some really cool and candid pictures of the adorable couple.

In fact, I had a different experience doing a pre wedding shoot in a busy city center that eventually paid out really well in the form of wonderful pictures of the couple.


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