Wakefield Pre-Wedding Session- Mariam and Ryan

Wakefield Wedding  Photographer Pre-Wedding Session


 Being a Wakefield  wedding photographer, I found as if I have won a Jackpot. A place where we grow up is always special. When my couple  told me that they have chosen his Wakefield farm as the venue, I was bouncing like a kid in an amusement park. The beauty of nature always enhances the beauty of the smiling couple and that makes their pictures even more beautiful.

As I am a wedding photographer in Wakefield , I cherish capturing the happiness, love, joy, and smiling faces at the wedding. So, whenever I get the chance to photograph a beautiful couple like Mariam and Ryan, I am always as excited as the couple that I am going to capture in my camera. It happened when Mariam and Ryan came to me for their pre-wedding photo session.

We met at their farm which is surrounded by fields. The warm and beautiful evening had already set everything up for the shoot. All I had to do was to capture the couple in the natural as well as booming beauty of their love. The dogs and the grazing cows in the nearby fields also made their special appearances in the pictures.

I love to travel for capturing couples like Marian and Ryan and take long walks in the farm with them. It’s a win-win. Every couple I photograph adds to my ever extending family and so did Marian and Ryan who are going to have a tipi wedding at their farm  in Wakefield next year.


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