Greater Manchester ceremony

For Liz and Paul’s wedding, I got an opportunity to photograph at the  Castlefield Rooms, which also happens to be one of my favorite city centre venues in Manchester. As a Castlefield wedding photographer, I have  been fascinated by the landscape of the charming Bridgewater Canal and the many spectacular urban spots around it.

As a Manchester wedding photographer working at a central location such as Castlefield Rooms was a refreshing experience. What made this experience even more enriching was the fact that my Castlefield Rooms wedding photography involved the happiest couple that I had ever met or worked with.

After the ceremony

The music and dance at the wedding venue was amazing and the couple could just not resist from dancing all the time. It was really fun capturing them dancing and having the best time of their lives. It was such a happy vibe and I made sure to capture the most special moments between the couple, which they could cherish with their friends and family for a lifetime to come.

Liz and Paul’s wedding had a 1920 theme, where all men were dressed as Peaky Blinders and women chose to dress in Gatsby themed flapper dresses. Everyone looked gorgeous and the backdrop of the unique Castlefield Rooms above Dukes 92 contributed to add an old-world charm in the photographs. As a Dukes 92 wedding photographer, I am totally in awe of the iconic red brick buildings and cobbled streets, as they make an ideal spot for beautiful wedding pictures.

The Castlefield Rooms wedding photography

The beauty of the Castlefield area is enhanced by the lovely bridge water canal that surrounds the entire area. To add to it, there are also some really stunning urban spots in the area that make it an ideal place for wedding photography. Photographing Liz and Paul for their wedding at one of my favorite city centre venues in Manchester was an unforgettable experience. In fact, it is always refreshing for me to get a chance to photograph a wedding at a central location such as Castlefield rooms.

I am sure that anybody who is looking for a really unique location to photograph their wedding would love the city centre district of Castlefield. From the canals to the picturesque streets, there are so many different elements in the area that end up looking so stunning in the final wedding pictures.

Most of the times couples are two-minded about choosing a city centre venue, as they believe that the lack of green spaces will affect their wedding pictures. But, if you have chosen Manchester for your wedding photography, then there is nothing to worry about. As a wedding photography destination, Manchester has so many beautiful and picturesque spots where you can get your wedding pictures clicked without having to compromising on any important element.

As a Castlefield wedding photographer for Liz and Paul’s wedding, I really enjoyed the whole experience at the Castlefield Rooms. Everything about this location is stunning, and it does complete justice as a perfect wedding venue for happy couples. I believe that your wedding venue plays a huge role in defining the vibe and aesthetic of your wedding pictures, and when it comes to the Castlefield area, there is nothing that I would like to add or change to make it more picturesque. It’s vintage yet modern, old world yet super chic, and complete in just the way it is.

This is an indefinable romantic aura about the Castlefield area that makes it so special to me and every couple that chooses to use its backdrop for their wedding photography.

And kind words from Liz and Paul

Ingrid shot our 1920s Peaky Blinders / Gatsby wedding on 30 August this year, and we received our photos only a few days ago - 2 weeks after the wedding! To say we are thrilled with them is a huge understatement! They are amazing. Ingrid worked tirelessly all day, and established a great relationship with our videographer to ensure the best of the best shots were taken. The family shots were fab, the shots of me and my husband were utterly stunning with the Manchester industrial backdrop and all the natural shots of the ceremony and reception were incredible. You would never have known she was there. All the guests loved her and felt completely at ease. She made it fun. The photographs have captured the full day, and we have a huge selection to choose from. I'm so glad I did my research and was lucky enough to book Ingrid for our big day, I have no hesitation in recommending Ingrid to anyone for any event. A true professional and lovely person. Thank you Ingrid xxx

Manchester Hall Wedding Photography-Hannah & Adam

My unforgettable experience at Manchester Hall

I was fortunate to shoot the marriage of Hannah and Adam. They got married at a church called Parish of Saint John the evangelist Failsworth in Manchester. It was the first wedding that I got to shoot. The reception was planned at  Manchester hall. Manchester Hall is a very well known destination for wedding celebrations. I was fully excited to perform wedding photography Manchester hall. One of the reasons for the popularity of Manchester hall is the picture-perfect locations for both outside and inside. I always heard of its beauty from my seniors. It was the first time I was going to look at it from the eyes of my camera.

Exciting locations

 Manchester hall was far more beautiful than I expected it to be. As soon as I started taking the pictures of Parish of Saint John the evangelist Failsworth and Manchester hall, I could not believe my eyes. There are vibes of divinity around the church and luxury around the hall. Nobody can forget even after visiting these locations at least once in life. The Manchester hall is located in the heart of Manchester City Centre. It is one of the favorite spots for a wedding.

The perfect decor

The decorations play a very important role in driving the moods of people. Great decorations contribute to happiness. The church was decorated appropriately. It had a combination of beautiful decorations at the house of The Almighty. It gave me a wonderful feeling. The decoration of  Manchester hall was on another level. It was ready to give the competition to the looks of the bride. The styling, lighting, and decorations were in according to the love chemistry of the couple. I was enjoying taking pictures of such a combination.

Superb wedding photography Manchester Hall

Somebody once said that Manchester hall will blow you away as wedding photographer Manchester. I went over there and started shooting. I felt the same way exactly. It's iconic. It is not only perfect for a wedding but also for any event. I am willing to go there again and again.

The beautiful bride & groom

The bride and the groom complemented each other to the heart's content. They looked stunning both in reality and in pictures. When they got ready, everyone was appreciating them. The beautiful when use added to their loving emotions. All the people had a great time. It was me, a Manchester photographer who got the opportunity to capture everything. When were lucky enough to shoot a little in light drizzling. I managed to capture the raindrops also in a couple of pictures. Most of the other pictures were taken inside.

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Wedding Photographer Lancashire -Shireburn Arms Hotel

Shireburn Arms Hotel wedding photography

Wedding!  I believe is a big event in one’s life and therefore the moments of this big day need to be captured to make them a life-time memory. As a wedding photographer Lancashire, I have been hired by numerous couples . In and around the place to take candid and portrait pictures of their engagement and wedding events at different locations however Shireburn Arms Hotel has  been my favourite and caught my attention. When Dawn and Mark approached me for their wedding photography that was slated to take place at this fabulous venue. I agreed that very instant. The couple wanted a documentary wedding photography which I promised to do excellently since I was confident about my skills and expertise.

The Venue

Wedding photography Shireburn Arms can be exceptional. The venue plays host to several events and is being chosen by varied personalities since it is appealing with a stunning backdrop of the Ribble valley. The structure is iconic and an architectural masterpiece, set in the marvellous grounds. Located in the Clitheroe area, this 17th century Inn is also being chosen for destination weddings. The venue, in my opinion can absolutely make a difference to any event.

The Big day

On the wedding day, I began my work and started to photograph the bridal preparations. The ceremony unfolded smoothly while their children became the centre of attraction. The lovely kids involved everyone present at the event. Their amazing readings were emotional and at times, funny. After the wedding breakfast, the guests bombarded the beautiful couple with some confetti.

It was a rainy day, just perfect for the romantic atmosphere but we had to wait until afternoon to take some fantastic group photos outside. The guests were all smiling and enjoyed the day. After the ceremony formalities, I took the couple around the venue to take some amazing pictures. The bride and groom happily posed and co-operated with me; I wish all the very best to them for their wonderful journey ahead as husband and wife.

Documentary wedding photography

While I took some relaxed, candid pictures of the couple in the gorgeous gardens, I also walked around and in between different guest groups and documented each special moment. It was great to be a part of this wedding celebration.

If you are looking for a professional wedding photographer Lancashire or in search of wedding photography Shireburn Arms, I can be the ideal choice :)

Wedding Photography at Oulton Hall -Leeds -Yorkshire

Wedding Photography in Leeds

Marriage is a promise of love for a lifetime. When you meet someone who strikes a chord in your heart, you be many things to each other – friend, lover and even a teacher when the situation comes down to that.

But with marriage, you cross a threshold and enter into a new life with several promises to keep.  Once you take these vows, you know that your entire world is going to change.

Such is the beauty of marriage and so the wedding day definitely holds a special place in everyone’s heart.

I feel so lucky to have witnessed so many marriages. And to be able to able to capture those wonderful moments. This day was no different.

Oulton Hall - Leeds photographer

As the Oulton Hall - Leeds photographer, it was my responsibility to capture the best moments of both the bride and the groom. It started with the bride. I was there when all the preparations were going on. I have never seen a more perfect mélange of happiness and love until that day when I photographed the bride.

She looked as if someone just plucked her right out of a fairy tale and not even the best picture would do justice to her beauty.  But I did take some great shots trying to portray her ocean of emotions in all of those photographs .It is her special day and when all this is over, maybe after a couple of years, I want her to look at these photographs and say to herself – “Wow, it feels like it was just yesterday!

” That’s the power of photography.  It can bring back the memories so vividly that you will feel you are living it all once again.

I am a wedding photographer Leeds has to offer and being a professional in the field.  I always strive to search for the best moments to capture one of the most special and important days in a couple's life – their wedding day. It is owing to this that the day excited me. It was a beautiful and sunny day and the light was perfect to capture their precious natural moments.

Huddersfield wedding photography

Vicky wore a beautiful dress which was from Hoops – a Daisy Bridal Boutique in Huddersfield. No wedding is ever complete without the perfect bridal dress and the boutique had done an excellent work at that. In all these years of documentary wedding photography Huddersfield has been one of the areas where I have worked for many clients.

The ceremony took place at St Joseph’s Catholic Church in Huddersfield.  The place was serene and only amplified the wedding vibe. The bride walked down the aisle and everyone was looking at her with awe. The bride and groom took their vows and then we headed to Oulton Hall in Leeds where the family wedding photo session was conducted. I took some of the best photographs of the young couple and the pictures spoke of the love and enigmatic connection between them.  These photographs are what will remind them of their special day when they grow old together.

After a few speeches by the loved ones, it was time to relax and enjoy the evening reception.  The bride and groom were the first to take on the dance floor followed by everyone else.  It was truly a mesmerizing evening where everyone was enjoying and relishing the vibe.  I do take pride in being one of the best professional photographer Yorkshire has and I always try to prove myself through my work.

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Wedding Photography -Halifax Holdsworth House Hotel

An unforgettable Wedding At Halifax Holdsworth House Hotel

There’s no better venue than Halifax Holdsworth House Hotel for your wedding. The historic, beautiful venue is located very close to and easily accessible from Leeds, Yorkshire, Manchester, York, Wakefield, Staffordshire and Harrogate. The hotel has a welcoming appeal with mature, green gardens and wonderful terraces that offer the guests splendid spaces to enjoy. The hotel also has a private parking facility and lots of open areas that enable couples to plan their big day in alignment with their style and ideas. This post is about Amy and Cain who got married at this wonderful venue. As a Yorkshire wedding photographer, I had the privilege to capture some portrait and candid pictures of the couple and the guests which were admired to the highest levels.

An outstanding atmosphere

The wedding took place in February. While Amy was getting ready at home with her bridesmaids by her side, the groom was all set for the special day at Holdsworth House Hotel. It was a bright sunny winter day with beautiful snow on the grounds. In fact, the sun and the snow provided for a remarkable atmosphere to take some nostalgic wedding pictures. The gardens were calm and dressed with snow and dew, and it seemed like they were eager to be a part of the celebrations. I enjoyed being the wedding photographer Holdsworth House hotel and managed to capture the events professionally; I ensured to capture the emotions, fun, laughter and mixed feelings among the guests for which I am known for.

Fun filled moments

Amy wore a stunning wedding outfit; the groom was equally stunning. The couple looked relaxed and happy since all the arrangements were perfect and in place. The speeches were humorous and everyone present there laughed to their heart’s content. This was a super fun wedding with lots of fun moments throughout the day. By evening, the guests hit the dance floors along with the couple. Being a passionate wedding photographer Halifax, West Yorkshire, I made sure to take some amazing snaps in the evening which I am sure the couple will relish for years.

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I am Huddersfield, a west Yorkshire photographer specialising in wedding photography. I cater to loving couples in Leeds, Yorkshire, Manchester, York, Wakefield, Staffordshire, Harrogate and beyond by providing stunning natural and documentary wedding photography.
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Wedding Photographer- West Yorkshire

Sarah and Simon - Nostell Priory, West Yorkshire

It was an exciting feeling when Sarah and Simon approached me for my wedding photography services. I have so far served several couples as a wedding photographer but this was an extraordinary one. This is because of the venue and the wedding theme. Yes, the couple had chosen to get married at Nostell Priory, with St.Michael Our Lady Church service in Wakefield. As a wedding photographer Wakefield, I feel fortunate for having been offered this great opportunity since it was always my dream to capture some amazing pictures at this super fantastic location.

A beautiful marquee reception at Pontefract farm

After the religious ceremony and formalities, the couple headed to her parents’ farm in Pontefract, the beautiful market town in west Yorkshire where an amazing marquee reception was arranged. The farm offered a calm and pleasing atmosphere for the couple as well as the guests and everything went perfect. Since they are farmers, a rustic country style wedding was planned; it was indeed incredible and one of a kind. As as a wedding photographer Yorkshire, clicking pictures at hotels and beach venues was common for me but this was a distinct experience. I just loved and enjoyed every moment spent there!

A delightful country style wedding

The day started off well with the bride getting ready with her bridesmaids at her house. The atmosphere was very calm and the air smelled fresh and pure. The couple looked so stunning   and their attire aligned with the country style wedding theme. Decoration was well planned too and just synced with the idea.

The afternoon saw heavy rains but it was fabulous and created a romantic atmosphere around. The rains, I felt, were keen to become part of the wedding celebration. I had managed to take pictures of the bride and groom as well as the guests however before it began to rain.

Working as a wedding photographer in Pontefract, West Yorkshire can indeed be memorable since the historic market town offers great scope to take lovely pictures.

I wish Sarah and Simon the very best for their beautiful journey together.

Searching for a professional wedding photographer?

If you are looking for a wedding photographer Pontefract get in touch with me right away. I specialise in wedding photography and can take fascinating portrait and candid wedding pictures. When it comes to wedding photography I love the natural shots. I’m as unobtrusive as possible capturing your story as it unfolds, moment to moment, and creatively.