Wedding photography at Manor House Lindley

Abigail and Myles’ wedding had their hearts set on getting married at the Manor House Lindley.

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Summer Wedding at Manor House Lindley -Huddersfield

On this warm May  morning, they arrived to get ready for the big day. It was a real pleasure to work in such a stunning venue  again– it offered an art-deco paradise with so many beautiful spots perfect for photos. After much research, Abigail and Myles’ wedding found the perfect photographer who could capture all of their special memories.

The ceremony was breathtakingly beautiful as both families were brought together by love and joy. The sound of laughter filled up the room as they exchanged vows while tears of happiness ran down everyone’s cheeks. Afterward, guests enjoyed delicious food from the amazing menu provided by Manor House Lindley before hitting the dance floor! Everyone couldn’t help but admire how wonderful Abigail and Myles’ wedding looked in all of their wedding pictures taken throughout the day – it truly felt like a fairytale come true!

On that memorable day, Abigail and Myles’ wedding  celebrated what will now be known as one of Huddersfield’s coolest weddings ever held at Manor House Lindley – a place that will forever remain close to their hearts!

The Manor House in Lindley provided a stunning backdrop for the day, with its lush green grounds and historic building. As a Huddersfield wedding photographer, I had the opportunity to capture some truly breathtaking photos that will be cherished by Abigail and Myles for years to come.

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