A Rustic Countryside Wedding At Owen House Wedding Barn

I was literally spoilt for choice photographing Ffion and John’s wedding at the incredible Owen House Wedding Barn. Located in Mobberley, Cheshire. The exceptional Owen House Wedding Barn is one wedding destination that instantly made me fall in love with its ambience and surroundings. After Ffion and John’s wedding ceremony at the Mobberley Methodist Church, we were headed to join the couple at the Owen House Wedding Barn for their reception. As soon as I landed at the venue, I knew there was so much I could use from the natural surroundings and decorative backdrops to photograph some really memorable pictures of the couple and their loved ones.

Owen House photographer

I was seriously impressed by the way the quirky and rustic wedding shack was decorated for the bridal preparation and ceremony that was to be followed by the wedding breakfast. As an Owen House photographer, what instantly drew me to the venue were the outhouses, outdoor spaces and grounds that allowed me to take some outstanding portrait shots of the couple. The couple portraits turned out to be so naturally beautiful. And stunning that even I was amazed by the final results of the shoot. All thanks to the fresh and pleasant views that surrounded the couple’s wedding reception venue at the Owen House Wedding Barn!
Then it was time for some group pictures after which I strolled around the front patio to capture some candid shots. They were absolutely laid back and totally in the moment. Such spontaneous moments are a treasure for any Owen House photographer. As moments like these not just allow you to capture the physical beauty of the newly wedded couple. But also makes space for you to capture the true happiness and love reflecting from their genuine smiles and laughter.
In all these years as a wedding photographer Cheshire, my Owen House Wedding Barn photography experience was certainly one of the best and most enriching ever. No doubt the Owen House Wedding Barn is a dream venue for any wedding photographer.  As I look back to my wonderful experience photographing Ffion and John’s wedding reception at the Owen House Wedding Barn. It truly makes me want to go back to that beautiful venue and relive that fulfilling and enriching experience one more time!


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