Healds Hall Wedding Photography

The Marriage of Jennifer & Sam

Jennifer and Sam were married at the beautiful  Healds Hall Hotel In Liversedge. I began my day by photographing the bride preparing for her big day. The couple had been planning for their wedding day for quite some time. However, due to COVID, their plans had been postponed numerous times. On this lovely, sunny day, the bride and groom were happy to finally be able to wed.

This intimate ceremony ended with wide smiles and lots of laugher. It was apparent that this was a very happy day for everyone involved. The couple and their guests radiated happiness. Close family and friends watched as Jennifer and Sam joined their lives. It was a day that will always be treasured in the memories of all who witnessed the lovely ceremony.


The Venue: Healds Hall Hotel in Liversedge- Yorkshire


This gorgeous wedding reception took place at the gorgeous Healds Hall Hotel in Liversedge. This iconic ivy-covered hotel is surrounded by spectacular gardens which are perfect for group shots. The Healds Hall Hotel is a beautiful, well-established hotel situated in a historic manor house on landscaped grounds. This hotel, restaurant, and wedding venue is located right in the heart of Yorkshire.


 Intimate weddings Yorkshire


The best thing about small, intimate weddings is that they lend themselves to more tender moments that one doesn’t see as often at larger gatherings.

Wedding photographs like this always put a smile on my face. They are a reminder of why I love being a wedding photographer. It is a great honor to be able to capture one of the happiest moments of my client’s lives. If you are searching for a wedding photographer in Yorkshire, or are interested in learning more about my lovely wedding photography packages, please check out my website.


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