Falcon Manor Wedding Photography

The amazing couple chose to celebrate their wedding day with their close family and friends at Falcon Manor, this beautiful country house situated in the Yorkshire dales.
Ashley & Richard’s wedding not only gave me an opportunity to capture some really great moments between the couple at the backdrop of a beautiful location but also gave me a chance to have a fun time photographing some super friendly and lovely group of people.

Bride and Groom wedding preparation

As a professional wedding photographer, I am always excited to work with amazing couples like Ashley and Richard, who are not only incredibly talented and creative but also incredibly friendly and easy going. Their wedding at the beautiful Falcon in the Yorkshire Dales was the perfect setting for capturing some amazing moments between them, well as with their close family and friends.

Church Ceremony in Settle

Finally, after much preparation (and gift giving!), the bride was in her dress and they all headed off to their ceremony at Church of St Alkelda.Everyone smiled brightly as she walked down aisle arm-in-arm with her Dad who had given away her hand in marriage. After saying their vows, Richard and his wife were officially married!

Falcon Manor Wedding Venue – Settle, Yorkshire

Whether it was the stunning location or simply infectious joy and happiness, I had a great time photographing this wonderful event, and but also easy-going and friendly. Their wedding celebration at Falcon Manor, a beautiful country house in the Yorkshire Dales, was truly a joy to shoot, as it allowed me to capture some amazing and unforgettable moments between this wonderful couple and their close friends and family. I wish Ashley and Richard all the best in their future together!

Wedding Party and Sparkles

Sparkler send off photos are becoming essential to include in your must-have wedding photos in winter.

➡️If you’re considering using sparklers for your wedding exit, especially in winter as it gets dark early.Best Sparklers to Buy for the Wedding Exit?LONG SPARKLERS provide the longest burn time and that’s usually the best for wedding exits.The longer the sparklers, the longer they last. You can have everyone holding them while you go through the tunnel and you can even go back for another round! That’s so great for photos and for the photographer to have more good options!

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