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Wedding photography- West Yorkshire ,Dimple Well Lodge Hotel

Marriage is the happily ever after moment for every couple bringing along a promise of forever. Being a Yorkshire wedding photographer, I believe in the power of real moments and the impact they can leave on everyone. I photograph wedding couples with the aim of creating a legacy.  For them which they can pass on to their future generations as a love story they can look up to.  I consider myself really fortunate to have witnessed this magical wedding being the photographer for this event.

This beautiful day commenced with the bride’s preparations. And I was ready to capture all of it with an honest approach.  Always try to be unobtrusive. So that I can frame these moments from the point of view of an observer. It’s so lovely to tell every wedding story through compelling images that will make these moments vivid in your imagination whenever you see them later on.  Wedding photos are not just about capturing the moments but also about creating art . An art that will leave you mesmerized and will communicate the essence of the connection and love between the couple.

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When it was time for the bride to walk down the aisle, it was as if I was witnessing a fairy tale. The decorations, the bride herself and lastly, the groom waiting for her with eyes full of love – all of this made it perfect. I tried my best to bring that feeling in my photographs. I tried weaving a complete story for the couple through my work. When we think about a wedding ceremony, the first feelings that we get are of happiness, joy, togetherness, love, rituals, a lot of dancing and good food. And I try to portray all of this through my photographs .So that they can strike a chord in your heart and reach out to you.

In the evening, everyone gathered for the party. Speeches full of emotions were delivered and everyone rejoiced themselves to the tune of some of the most romantic records. Everyone was on the dance floor and you could literally feel the love in the air.

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