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AND that’s what I call coping with Rain on your Wedding Day beat the rain, in the rain!This does mean, however, you need to be happy with getting a little wet.I mean, there are wedding parties… and then there are wedding PARTIES!!! I always adore photographing weddings. There’s so much love in the air and the bride and groom spent so much time carefully planning all the details. It was not any different for Grace and Gabriel’s wedding, either!

Getting Ready

We started the morning with bridal prep in Grace and Gabriel’s house for brides and their parties. It had such a luxurious feel to it, which made getting ready even more special.
After everyone was ready, we all headed out for the first look between Grace and Dad. The emotion on both of their faces when they saw each other brought happy tears to us all!


The ceremony itself was gorgeous; you could feel the love between Grace and Gabriel radiating from across the room as they shared heartfelt vows with each other surrounded by close family and friends who were filled with joy watching these two tie-the-knot! It was truly a magical afternoon that will never be forgotten.

Sheffield Wedding Photographer

The reception area was beautifully at SPICER MANOR ; fairy lights hung across long tables which were decorated with greenery, candles, flowers et cetera- you name it! During dinner there were plenty of speeches plus lots of laughter (and food!) before heading off into evening celebrations including dancing around sparklers under starry skies as they said goodbye during their last dance as newlyweds. It was such an incredible day filled with so much love .


Their wedding was a perfect example of how to embrace the weather on your special day. Rain is not always seen as a great sign for your wedding day, but these newlyweds made the most of it. Their love radiated despite the rain and together they created beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.

Spicer Manor, Sheffield| Wedding Photography Sneak Peaks

As a Spicer Manor wedding photographer, I have had the pleasure of capturing countless beautiful weddings at this stunning venue. Each one is special in its own way, but none quite as exciting and fun-filled as Grace and Gabriel’s wedding day.

With its rustic charm and breathtaking views, Spicer Manor really is the perfect setting for a wedding. The bright, airy rooms and lush, green gardens make it the perfect location for a romantic celebration. And Grace and Gabriel certainly knew how to throw a party!

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