Wedding Planning – what should I do and when?


When it comes to wedding planning there’s no right or wrong way to do it. However, there is a simple way to organise your wedding planning tasks that’ll reduce your stress levels and ensure you actually enjoy this exciting time!

After that everything is fun; lots of excitement for dream coming true. However, some simple errands are to be done for making the special day memorable. While getting engaged, just take substantial time for wedding planning.

After you get engaged: 24-12 months + (or as soon as you get engaged)

For wedding planning, there is no particular way. You should enjoy this time full of excitement instead of worrying over the planning. There are ways to arrange tasks to simplify and lessen stress.
• Setting date: Where will you get married? So the venue is very important. Book it and also start other planning before at least 12 months to get the suppliers and venue within a reasonable price range. As an alternative to Saturday, you can also plan your wedding sometime in mid-week. This will reduce the cost.
• How to plan a wedding: You can either plan your own wedding or take help of a professional stylist or wedding planner as their opinions are worth paying.
• Sending save-the-date cards: You must ensure that guests do not engage themselves on your wedding day with other commitments. So send them save-the-date cards. Ask your photographer to click some engagement snaps and use some cool pictures in these cards.
• Budget setting: There is no point in going bankrupt for a wedding. Hence both of you discuss how much each of you can afford, can save in the coming months, etc. Also, if your parents are willing to contribute, include them in your planning beforehand so that you know how much they can offer.
• Arranging the guest list: To avoid arguments, make the list equal for both families. If you want to invite some peers or family friends who you do not know well and is wondering how to include them in the ceremony or wedding breakfast, just make a separate list.
• Selecting wedding suppliers: This is the toughest job for planning a wedding as it includes everything like caterers, photographers, florists, etc.
• Booking venues: It is better to book the venue as soon as possible as planning everything else will be easier. Two venues are to be booked. One for the ceremony, i.e. a registry office, church, or other licensed venues for this purpose and another for the reception where you will conduct the wedding breakfast or disco or other entertainments. You should keep an eye on the number of seats, hiring the room costs, options for catering, photograph setting (both indoor as well as outdoor), etc. You can save cost by making off-season bookings. There are venues which have great winter wedding proposals.
• Booking photographer: First search for a wedding photographer who will fulfil the style you are looking for (contemporary, traditional, reportage, combination, etc.).
• Meet or call your minister/registrar :You will get to know everything about the ceremony.
• Booking the entertainer: You may want to book a DJ or some classical musicians or band for reception. There are couples who want to hire a singer to perform solo pieces or a magician or celebrity lookalikes to add some spice to the evening.
• Booking caterers: If your booked reception venue does not provide catering services, you will have to arrange for the same by engaging outside caterers. If it crosses your budget limit, you can arrange for party platters in buffet style from the local supermarket.
• Booking cars: You may need to book two cars, one for yourself and the accompanying person (bridal car) and another one(s) for the bridesmaids and your mother. If you want, you can also hire a bus for other invitees. Ask your photographer to get some outstanding wedding photos with maybe a vintage bus (double-decker if possible).
• Florist booking: First decide the number of flowers and where you want those, then to be within budget book silk flowers, which will remain fresh and you can even sell them after the wedding. You can also combine real flowers with silk ones. Take advice from the local florist.
• Honeymoon booking: Make your bookings in maiden name with an existing passport, whether it is only the honeymoon or the entire wedding abroad. After returning, change the documents to married name.
Get wedding insurance: This is necessary as a supplier can suddenly betray you. It will save you lots of pounds and should be done for mental peace.
• Decide on wedding dress: If you want a couture dress, start the process now. If it is a designer dress, then 4-6 months will do, but if it is a second-hand one, 4-6 weeks prior for alterations.

6 +months before the wedding:

You may want to look into some details on your own like invitations, cake, table centres, etc. This will need practice. So you must start now as time is very less.
Ordering the wedding invitations: You should remember the wedding stationeries like service orders, thank you and place cards.
Ordering wedding cake: You can order for cheesecakes, cupcakes, or get a homemade one.
• Buying accessories as well as wedding shoes: Buy your shoes within the time before you go for the dress fitting first time; also get the veil and tiara for a hair trial and makeup. Get the other jewellery or bridal accessories that you want.
Booking artist for hairdressing and makeup: First have a word with many artists, then go for a complete trial with your full wedding accessories, book if satisfactory.
• Buying outfits: Get the outfits for the bridesmaid, groom, ushers, best man, page boys, flower girls, etc.

3 +months before the wedding:

Only three months left. So you must be fretting on the to-do list. Just get the following arrangements done in an organized way, you will find everything is in place.
• Dress amendment: Get the alteration of your wedding dress done and make sure you do not lose weight. You should not gain weight either. The dress should look perfect on your torso.
• Buy wedding rings: Get the perfect size wedding ring for both of you and see that it sits perfectly beside the engagement ring if you want to wear both at once. However, the ring should look stunning on your fingers.
• Sending invitations for the wedding: Tradition is to send them 6-12 weeks prior to the wedding, but they can be sent sooner if you want. Accompany this with specific information on transport, overnight accommodation, if there is a dress code, parking, etc. and also attach reply cards so that they RSVP. Ask them if anyone has a distinct food choice. For best results, you can always go to a website like  It is completely free to use.
Order for decorations: Keep in mind the venue and table, use table centrepieces and something lucky and traditional. Also, the ambiance should be cordial and friendly.
Deciding on gift list: Your guests (everyone) should get the gift either through invitation or wedding website (if any).
Choosing wedding music with reading: You can get more advice about this from your registrar.
Gifts for important people: Get some gifts for the bridesmaids, best man and ushers. You can also get flower bouquets for both the bride’s and groom’s mothers. It will be more meaningful if you personally gift them by engraving some message of your own.
• Planning parties: Take help of your chief bridesmaid and best man respectively and start planning your stag and hen party.
Only one month left for the wedding: My goodness, just a month. You must be biting your nails. Don’t worry. Keep yourself calm and get the following done.
• The final fitting trial of wedding dress: Go for this and get your best friend, mum, or sister accompany you.
• Reconfirming wedding arrangements: Speak again with your suppliers and get confirmation about time, date and place in written form.
• Free nights before the wedding: You enjoy these freedom nights, but don’t do what you do not want your “would be” spouse to do. If necessary, wear an L plate.
• Confirming seating plan: Your table planner should be ready for the reception so that guests can sit accordingly.
• Contacting the guests who did not reply: Your booked caterers and venue should get to know the final numbers at least 1-2 week prior. Parents can do this chasing for RSVPs.
• Date arrangement for picking up hired suits: Give this honour to the best man and also note when to return these.
• Writing speeches for the wedding: This can be written by a professional or by yourself from the heart. You will have to practice it a lot.

Just a week left before your big day :

You must be overly concerned. Stop worrying and concentrate on the following.

Get your hair done: Get the hair trimmed, may get it coloured, as planned in the trials. Only this way you will know that it is looking great for the big day. Do not experiment something new as it may damage your looks.
Honeymoon packing: Get this done as it will be your lifetime memory.
Wedding shoe trial: Wear the bridal shoes within the house (not outside) so that they feel comfortable on the big day.
• Preparing the wedding kit for an emergency: You can carry cosmetics, compact mirror, tissues, etc. in the bridal kit and can get your mum or chief bridesmaid to carry it for you on the wedding day.
• Honeymoon Essentials: You must order foreign currency and get other arrangements done before the latest possible time.
Buying ivory umbrellas for the wedding: Check the weather, if rainy, invest in bridal umbrellas. If sunny, then pretty parasols. Before buying, just check if the photographer provides those.
• Get beauty treatments done: Get the honeymoon and pre-wedding beauty treatments done pretty early to the big day, say a week prior, like waxing, fake tanning, the shaping of eyebrows and anything else that needs to be done. These should not be done one day prior to the wedding.
• Find your lucky charms for the wedding: You can ask your mum or granny for these, silver sixpence can always bring you good luck.
• Handover of the list of suppliers: You should handover all wedding supplier lists comprising of their contacts and time to arrive to someone like a chief bridesmaid or best man as it may be needed. You are not to worry further.

Tomorrow is the wedding: Be happy!

• Relax throughout the day: Do not work, take an off day, don’t exhaust yourself, spend entire day accompanied by family and friends. Make it a relaxing day.
• Venue monitoring: If you recall that you have to drop something at the venue, drop it.
• Manicuring: Go to the beautician and get your nails in proper shape. Get those manicured. Keep in mind it is to be booked in the afternoon to avoid breaks or chips snacking.
• Early night: Go to bed early in the night and get married the next morning.

On the day of your wedding you should remember that it is not the end, but the beginning! This day your marriage begins. Hence whatever happens on this day, the marriage is most important and matters the most. It will be the most memorable day of your life to remember throughout.


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