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Wedding Photography in Leeds

Marriage is a promise of love for a lifetime. When you meet someone who strikes a chord in your heart, you be many things to each other – friend, lover and even a teacher when the situation comes down to that.

But with marriage, you cross a threshold and enter into a new life with several promises to keep.  Once you take these vows, you know that your entire world is going to change.

Such is the beauty of marriage and so the wedding day definitely holds a special place in everyone’s heart.

I feel so lucky to have witnessed so many marriages. And to be able to able to capture those wonderful moments. This day was no different.

Oulton Hall – Leeds photographer

As the Oulton Hall – Leeds photographer, it was my responsibility to capture the best moments of both the bride and the groom. It started with the bride. I was there when all the preparations were going on. I have never seen a more perfect mélange of happiness and love until that day when I photographed the bride.

She looked as if someone just plucked her right out of a fairy tale and not even the best picture would do justice to her beauty.  But I did take some great shots trying to portray her ocean of emotions in all of those photographs .It is her special day and when all this is over, maybe after a couple of years, I want her to look at these photographs and say to herself – “Wow, it feels like it was just yesterday!

” That’s the power of photography.  It can bring back the memories so vividly that you will feel you are living it all once again.

I am a wedding photographer Leeds has to offer and being a professional in the field.  I always strive to search for the best moments to capture one of the most special and important days in a couple’s life – their wedding day. It is owing to this that the day excited me. It was a beautiful and sunny day and the light was perfect to capture their precious natural moments.

Huddersfield wedding photography

Vicky wore a beautiful dress which was from Hoops – a Daisy Bridal Boutique in Huddersfield. No wedding is ever complete without the perfect bridal dress and the boutique had done an excellent work at that. In all these years of documentary wedding photography Huddersfield has been one of the areas where I have worked for many clients.

The ceremony took place at St Joseph’s Catholic Church in Huddersfield.  The place was serene and only amplified the wedding vibe. The bride walked down the aisle and everyone was looking at her with awe. The bride and groom took their vows and then we headed to Oulton Hall in Leeds where the family wedding photo session was conducted. I took some of the best photographs of the young couple and the pictures spoke of the love and enigmatic connection between them.  These photographs are what will remind them of their special day when they grow old together.

After a few speeches by the loved ones, it was time to relax and enjoy the evening reception.  The bride and groom were the first to take on the dance floor followed by everyone else.  It was truly a mesmerizing evening where everyone was enjoying and relishing the vibe.  I do take pride in being one of the best professional photographer Yorkshire has and I always try to prove myself through my work.

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  1. no words really! The photos are stunning and very different from the normal wedding pics you see around. Great job.

  2. These are such stunning shots! You’re making me wish I had done a traditional wedding instead of hop into the courthouse.

  3. Everything is nicely captured, the pre wedding and the wedding day. Love the pair of golden shoes! This collection of pictures are priceless.

  4. This looks so professional and whimsical! Each detail is perfectly recorded, wonderful!

  5. Wow! The photographs are breathtaking. I love both the black and white and the color photos! Also. I love the color of the bridesmaid dresses !

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