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Wedding Photography in Holmfirth-Huddersfield

As a Huddersfield Wedding Photographer based in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, it gives me access to some spectacular wedding venues both in the North East and North West of the UK including Leeds, Sheffield, York, Manchester and Cheshire.

Holmfirth- West Yorkshire Wedding- Michaela and Danny


When Michaela and Danny told me about their intimate wedding ceremony in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, I was delighted.
Michaela and Danny were also forced to postpone their wedding due to the pandemic but they couldn’t wait any longer. As things are getting better, it was time for them to start their new life as well. The wedding held at the church in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire. It was an intimate ceremony with only closed ones and their broad smiles were the proof how happy they were.
The September smiled down on us all and I captured some lovely pictures of the lovely couple and the family. The warmth of emotions, the light of the delighted hearts, the stars in the smiling eyes, and the hope of a bright future, these are the essence of a good picture and they were all present there. These small wedding ceremonies are my new favourite.
Michaela and Danny have also planned a big reception in May and I am already excited for it. Thanks both of you for making me a part of your day. Just waiting for the big reception in May.
Wedding Photography, Holmfirth Huddersfield by IG Time Photography. You can see more of my work here on my blog .

If you have an event approaching, however large or small, in or around Holmfirth or Huddersfield, please feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements.

Memorable moments

There were a few, but the main ones would have to be;

  • Walking down the aisle to a non-traditional Fleetwood Mac
  • Turning to face all the guests during the service to be greeted with 24 masked (presumably smiling) faces
  • The walk up from the Church to the reception venue through the beautiful village of Hepworth
  • Two mass deliveries of Dominos at 4pm and 6pm

Advice for other couples

If you’ve had to postpone your wedding, we know how tough a decision that is. But honestly, we had the best day we could have hoped for. For us, the whole saga just reinforced why we were getting married. It was for us – for me and Danny. And as long as we could have that, we were happy. And, as we’ve still got the reception booked for next year, we’re going to have a multitude of wedding memories!

If you’re unaffected by COVID, but just planning a small wedding, I can now understand why. Going from our original 120 guest list for the day, down to 25 at first seemed daunting. Would it be as good? Would people be upset if they didn’t get an invite? But, it turned out amazingly. I got to speak to each and every guest repeatedly throughout the day, spending time with them. I wouldn’t have had that opportunity with a larger guest list. I really enjoyed the intimacy of the day.

The Planning Process

Our original wedding date was 16th May, 2020. Planning for this was honestly a dream – laidback but organised. We’d booked to have a church wedding in the village Danny grew up in, followed by tipis in a field with the most breath-taking views. We were pretty much set, worrying about small things like the table plan when COVID hit. At the end of March, we were blissfully naive thinking that the day may still go ahead, but in April we made the decision to postpone until May, 2021.

However, we stayed in touch with the vicar to try and get legally married as soon as we could. We realised after making the decision to postpone the original date, that the most important thing to us was saying “I Do”. We were prepared to do this with just us, two witnesses and Rev. Keith when it was announced in July weddings to happen again. However, due to risk assessments and the Church roof needing fixing, we finally managed to get a date booked in. Saturday 12th September, 2020 – our new wedding date. In hindsight, it’s great that we had to wait until September, as by then we were allowed up to 30 people. After including the Church staff, Danny and I and our wonderful photographer, that left room for 24 guests. Twenty-four of our nearest and dearest when at one point we thought we were going to have to choose two.

A few updates to the original invites, and a WhatsApp group with all attendees in, and we were ready to go. Flowers were arranged, I collected my dress (no time for alterations!), and we spoke to Dominos about providing us with food afterwards.

We were so touched that all of guests made themselves available, and travelled the length of the country to be there with us. It honestly made the day.


Ingrid photographed our newly-adapted COVID September wedding, and we cannot recommend her enough. She was absolutely amazing!
We didn’t manage to fit in a pre-shoot and were just winging it, but she made us feel so at ease and captured the most beautiful shots of our special day ?
Can’t wait for her to document take 2 next year with the rest of our guests!

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