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Mariam and Ryan’s Wedding          Wedding photographer Wakefield, Yorkshire 

Ingrid was our photographer for our wedding at the end of July, and she was simply the very best. She shot our engagement photos last year and they were beautiful so we knew she was going to be great.
On the day, and in the lead up to our wedding, Ingrid was so helpful and so easy to get along with – much needed when you’re planning a wedding!
She was fantastic from the morning of the wedding as I was getting ready right up until our evening reception. We hardly noticed her taking pictures, but the photos she has taken and sent us are just beautiful, and are proof of how how skilled she is as a photographer.
Everyone has commented on the stunning photos. We would highly recommend anyone booking a wedding photographer to contact Ingrid as she was simply amazing.
Thank you so much Ingrid for all the photos and our beautiful box – love, Mariam and Ryan x

Wakefield-  Mariam and Ryan’s Outdoor Wedding

My first encounter with Mariam and Ryan was almost a year ago when they contacted me for their engagement shoot. They were very polite and both very down-to-earth, and I had a great time covering their engagement event. They loved my work and expressed their interest in booking me for their wedding too. So when they reached out to me for their wedding event earlier in July, I was super excited. We spoke about their upcoming wedding, the venue, and how they wanted to achieve something different out of the photos this time.


Mariam and Ryan wanted to have a fun, intimate wedding in a wedding venue that they knew best. So the couple planned to tie the knot in an old-fashioned ceremony in a church at St. James Church in Wakefield, Yorkshire. As a professional wedding photographer in Wakefield, Yorkshire, I guided them to the best of my knowledge and how we can take some beautiful photos there because I was already familiar with the place.

Mariam and Ryan wanted something special too, so they ended up arranging a reception in a Tipi in a beautiful field near their house. I loved the idea of how it will give a sense of a rustic feel to the wedding photos. Taking photos in a Tipi is a bit different from an indoor location. We have to consider the weather, lighting and explore our creativity to ensure that the flaws of an outdoor venue aren’t highlighted. Still, despite all the complications, I had a fabulous experience with them.

There, I took hundreds of pictures and was completely in awe of the entire setting and the adorable bride and groom. I was there from the morning till the evening reception. I tried my level best not to let my presence interrupt their festivities and capture all the emotions in their originality. Gladly I took a lot of candid pictures of the adorable couple. They sent me lovely feedback and told me how much everyone loved the photos, and I couldn’t be happier! Do have a look at some of them from the collection below and decide for yourself.

 Also, if you are looking for a wedding photographer in Wakefield, Yorkshire, don’t hesitate to contact me to schedule a consultation session with wedding photographer Wakefield, Yorkshire | Mariam and Ryan’s Outdoor Wedding

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