Michaela and Danny Tipi wedding Holmfirth |Huddersfield

Tipi Weddings Photographer | Holmfirth

I was so excited to be a part of Michaela and Danny’s wedding day at Tipi wedding Holmfirth. I had worked with the couple last year  leading up to their big day, and I could already tell it was going to be special.

Wedding Photography in Holmfirth-Huddersfield

I pride myself on my approach to wedding photography which helps capture each moment perfectly throughout the entire day; something that I knew would make a huge difference for both Rachel and Simon as well as their family and friends who attended.For them, memories are made through moments like these – so capturing every detail becomes even more important than ever before!And after months of planning, everything came together beautifully – from start-to-finish this was truly a magical day full of love which will be cherished forever by those present at Holmfirth Tipi Weeding.

Huddersfield Wedding Photographer based in Holmfirth

Let me introduce the best wedding guest “Crock Chomp”

I wish he would be at every wedding 🙂

(The croc chomp is a fun drinking game of risk and luck that involved having your fingers chomped and taking lots of shots)

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