Wedding Photographer Leeds-Pre Wedding Session

The fun of pre wedding session

The couple was Jenny and Sam. They came up with the idea of a pre-wedding session. As we all know, no celebration is complete without a photographic session. Their marriage was fixed the next year. I liked the idea and decided to go for the pre wedding session Leeds. The destination decided was Temple Newsam Park. I have already done different photo shoots at this location. Fortunately, I was aware of the secret spots that are perfect for photography.

Engagement session at Temple Newsam Park-Leeds

The temple is a historic one. The events like Opera in the park, V festival, party in the park, reading and Leeds festival, dogs trust, Race for life, etc take place here. The temple is known for its different kinds of events. The design of the temple is simple yet autistic. The greenery around it makes it scenic.

Satisfactory love

Jenny and Sam were so excited about the marriage. They wanted to you enjoy it as much as possible. This is rarely seen. I was so satisfied to see this quality of love chemistry between them. It gave me a different kind of pleasure while shooting for their pre-wedding session. They were into each other and enjoying every second . They followed all my instructions because they wanted every photograph to be revealing their love chemistry. I enjoyed shooting their pre-wedding session a lot. I find myself lucky session know that they choose me as a wedding photographer Leeds.

Rehearsal of wedding

A Pre-wedding session is like a mini rehearsal of the wedding. It is also a get-together celebration but it has some special impact. As a photographer, I tried my best to fulfill their expectations. I captured the beautiful moments even when they were not ready for them. Such pictures revealed their natural chemistry. I saw them coming closer to each other beautifully. It was an awesome experience for me. I also had a lot of fun.

Good to know each other

Pre-wedding special of photography gives a wonderful chance to know each other. The bride and the groom meet often. There is an impact on the locations and events of meetings. If a couple is celebrating any event, it has a different impact on their chemistry. I have noticed it as a Leeds photographer. Therefore, there are events like engagement, and others planned before the actual wedding.


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