Wedding photography at Hornington Manor

Thank you so, so much for these- you have honestly captured our day beautifully. So many people have commented on how natural they all look, which is exactly what we wanted

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The wedding day started off with Natalie and her girls getting ready in one of the grand bedrooms at Hornington Manor. The bridesmaids were buzzing with excitement as they prepared for the special occasion.

Natalie and Cameron were a beautiful couple, and today was their special day. After years of planning, it was finally time to tie the knot at Hornington Manor. Natalie felt butterflies as soon as she stepped foot in the grand old house. She picked out her dream dress months ago and now here she was, ready to walk down the aisle with her love.


The ceremony itself was intimate but beautiful, full of tears of joy from friends and family alike who watched on in admiration. As they said their vows, there wasn’t a dry eye in sight! After exchanging rings they shared their first kiss as husband and wife – what a moment! Afterwards, guests gathered in the rustic old barn for dinner followed by speeches given from family members and close friends. Everyone laughed along as stories were shared .

York Wedding Photography Hornington Manor

Afterwards everyone made their way over to the reception barn where they enjoyed drinks while admiring all of the decorations that had been put together so carefully. There were dry flowers adorning every corner of the room, adding just enough colour without taking away from its rustic charm; it really was perfect for an outdoor celebration like this one! Later on during dinner there were plenty more heartfelt speeches about how much this couple has meant to each other since day one – it truly brought home why we were all gathered here today: because true love never fails!

York Wedding Photography Hornington Manor

Finally, it came time to cut the cake before heading back outside where everyone lined up with sparklers to give them a magical sendoff into married life! It was such an incredible night filled with love & laughter – congratulations !

Hornington Manor on the outskirts of Yorkshire is the most amazing venue and perfect for your wedding day celebrations.  This barn venue becomes yours for the entire weekend. Hornington Manor was the perfect location, surrounded by beautiful picturesque fields.

At last, after what felt like only seconds but really lasted hours upon hours celebrating this special occasion with each other – along with cake cutting and speeches given – Natalie and Cameron’s dream wedding ended on a high note right where it began: at Hornington Manor surrounded by people who love them most dearly with documentary, natural and creative wedding photography.


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