Hey there lovely wedding supplier

I’m so happy you’d like to use some of my images to promote your awesome work!

I retain the full copyright of my images, and I supply my couples with a non-commercial print license. This basically means everyone else needs permission to use them.

  1. When using one of my photos on Instagram please visibly credit me in the caption before the hashtags, using a link to my Instagram handle  @igtimephotography

Eg Photo by @igtimephotography

Please do not tag me without crediting me in the caption, or use a link to my website in the caption.

2. When using one of my images on Facebook please credit me in the text using a link to my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/igtimephotography the same way you would on Instagram

3. When using one of my images online or on your website, please credit me visibly using my business name and a backlink to my website https://igtimephotography.uk/

4. When using my images on print, please put ‘image by IG Time Photography’ as close to the image as possible.

5. Please do not share my images with any third parties without my permission.

6. Do not change or edit the images in any way (including heavy cropping and adding filters). I’ve already spent plenty of time colour correcting them and making them look their best so please don’t go and put an Instagram filter on them!

If you’d like to use some of my photos without credit or in a way not covered by these terms then please get in touch for a bespoke quote.

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